Evening Dress II

I recently attended my friend’s charity event. She held a “masked ball” themed party to raise money for the local zoo at her Over the Mountain home in Birmingham, AL. The dress code was black tie. Men were asked to wear animal masks and women were asked to wear animal print evening gowns. My friend was honored to host a fundraiser to celebrate her love of animals and to honor the benefactor of the night. We enjoyed going to the zoo as children and, as adults, we often take our families to the zoo. We both support their conservation efforts as well.

My friend called me earlier in the evening on the day of and told me she needed help setting up for the party. So, I arrived ahead of the other guests to help with setting up the wine and Hors d’oevres. We greeted each other and headed to the kitchen to start preparing the food. I was chilling the wine when I heard a loud buzzing noise. I looked out the large window and saw a lawn crew cutting the yard. I watched them work for a while and noticed that no detail was overlooked- the yard was perfectly edged and the driveway was dress 2¬†blown-off. I was very impressed with their work and asked for my friend for the landscaping company’s business card. She handed me the card, and I saw where they had their website listed: http://mountainbrooklandscaping.com/. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently Mountain Brook Landscaping worked to clean the yard. The lawn maintenance crew finished cutting the yard, and my friend and I offered them water to drink as the hot sun was setting. The landscaping company thanked us and told my friend they would return next week per their arranged schedule. They also kindly told us to enjoy our fundraiser.

As darkness fell, guests were starting to arrive for the charity. The dresses worn by the female attendees were beautiful. And, the male attendees look dapper in the animal masks. I couldn’t help but notice the lovely imitation cheetah, zebra, and lion dress fabrics. The evening gowns were flowing with long trains and intricate detailing. The haute couture style was very noticeable. I was glad to be a part of such a special event -as a friend who helped prepare for the party and as a guest. The event raised thousands of dollars for the zoo’s conservation efforts which I was very proud of. And, later that night, my friend and I decided to auction our evening dresses to further support the zoo’s cause.

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