Will You Impress with the Dress

evening dress gorgeousYour standing tall with all your womanhood on full display.  Yes it is on purpose. Let us not kid ourselves, no one spends five hours pimping and pruning without an end result in mind.

It’s perfectly ok, we humans do have vanity and self adoration to some degree or another.  The point of the evening dress though is to put an exclamation point on an important event. There was a time in the 1700 where large portions of the human race primped for hours every day, trying in vain to squeeze into a corset.  Lace upon lace and hoop on top of hoop daily to impress I suppose a proper suitor.

Thank the heavens that we no longer have to do such things.  The simple wife of a lawn maintenance company to the eye candy on the CEO’s arm all have the ability to transform themselves into an exotic flower, right in front of our eyes.

Yes o’ yes it can still turn out to be a  disaster, not every dog has it’s day.  Maybe that’s a poor choice of words but let me explain my point.  Just as a spectacular dress can accentuate the perfect line of the female form.  If the wrong dress is chosen, those accents turn on the woman’s wish of attraction and turn into repulsion.  

A dress that does not fall effortlessly across the shoulder but instead hangs there like a dead rat… oh the shame of it.  Why shame, it is simply because we can see without a doubt how much effort has gone into to this day for any given woman.  Said woman does not roll out of bed and do a simple turn around and poof they are ready for the ball. That is why it is so apparent the subject get it right.  

hideous bridesmaid dressThe slightly close parallel would be hideous bridesmaid dresses.  Fortunately it is just a reflection on the bride’s taste that her friends have to live out… The bride to be can come out of that situation unscathed.  But when the evening is a whole other story.  The rarity for the average woman to adorn herself with a evening gown puts this situation in a whole new league.

The stakes are high, so the choice of the dress must be sized up by not just their owner but by friends and close associates of the wearer.  It is not a wise choice for the woman to make this type of decision on their own. I have seen mental and emotional scars on women who have not chosen wisely.  You must know without a shadow of a doubt to get this dress right.

p. Long

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