The Formal

wonderful evening dressWhere did this all start.  Well since human existence came into being I suppose.  We can surmise that as long as there is a human longing to be more, we adorned ourselves with the little extras to make us “more”

Every bit of humanity cannot escape the need to drape ourselves in the honey of materials that are available to us. That is why a female heating and cooling technician Birmingham Alabama can transform herself just like the high paid models of New York City, New York.  It all begins and ends with the dress.

How do we come to such a conclusion.. Well there is certainly current day evidence that can point us in this directions.  How about the tribes of Peru.  Never seeing the modern conveniences of life. Nor the exposure to the fads that have come and gone throughout our history.  These peoples have lived hermetically cut off from the rest of humanity for generations.  

But you see my friends, male and female alike in these tribes adorn themselves to match any red carpet experience.  Feathers, mask, to skeletal manipulation.  The human mind has no boundaries when it comes to “vanity”  

 Creative and invitive to the other sex or whatever our mind’s eye yearns for. We and the tribes will take these simple bodies a lay across it, fabric, metals, stones, ink.  Even the undergarments not meant for public consumption are adorned with lace and bows only for our self fulfilment.

So you see my dear friends, it is more than just a dress.  It’s all our wants and needs on display to attract another’s eye… or simply to be pleased with our reflection in the mirror.

P. Long

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