The Power Contained in that Evening Gown

the evening dress 2Who knew a long flowing piece of fabric could transform the human frame of a woman to such a degree.  An otherwise quaintly woman will simply feel the estrogen flow at a faster pace. I am woman hear me roar is playing in the her mind’s ear.  Who could blame her for the rush of power.  The dress long and wispy extras extinuate the movement of not only the dress but also of the flesh.

In harmony the dress the mind and the body work with the elements of light.  Reflecting absorbing and accenting the shards of photons that come its way.

Oh the dress could become an out of body experience for the female so tempted to wear.  How could you blame her, expecting the paparazzi to flash at any moment.  She  has reached the zenith of her womanhood.  No, no not the just the dress at work here. It is just a catalyst for what the woman wants to be.

Graceful, without effort, understated without attempt.  How in the world does a piece of fabric flowing in the wind do such a deed.  Well that is why we are here on this page at this moment.  We will inspect the power of the dress and we shall not blink.

Stay with me… more to come,

P. Long

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