Evening Dress II

I recently attended my friend’s charity event. She held a “masked ball” themed party to raise money for the local zoo at her Over the Mountain home in Birmingham, AL. The dress code was black tie. Men were asked to wear animal masks and women were asked to wear animal print evening gowns. My friend was honored to host a fundraiser to celebrate her love of animals and to honor the benefactor of the night. We enjoyed going to the zoo as children and, as adults, we often take our families to the zoo. We both support their conservation efforts as well.

My friend called me earlier in the evening on the day of and told me she needed help setting up for the party. So, I arrived ahead of the other guests to help with setting up the wine and Hors d’oevres. We greeted each other and headed to the kitchen to start preparing the food. I was chilling the wine when I heard a loud buzzing noise. I looked out the large window and saw a lawn crew cutting the yard. I watched them work for a while and noticed that no detail was overlooked- the yard was perfectly edged and the driveway was dress 2 blown-off. I was very impressed with their work and asked for my friend for the landscaping company’s business card. She handed me the card, and I saw where they had their website listed: http://mountainbrooklandscaping.com/. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently Mountain Brook Landscaping worked to clean the yard. The lawn maintenance crew finished cutting the yard, and my friend and I offered them water to drink as the hot sun was setting. The landscaping company thanked us and told my friend they would return next week per their arranged schedule. They also kindly told us to enjoy our fundraiser.

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Elegant Fashion

I work for a local fashion designer. She recently opened a store front that houses her sewing room in the back of the building. Her collection pieces are on display in the front of the store, and she also sells evening dresses and offers bespoke gowns to her clientele. My boss was in the midst of elegantbrainstorming ideas for her next presentation. And, as an assignment, she sent me to New York. She wanted inspiration for her Fall/ Winter 2016 dress collection and thought the Met Gala in New York City, New York would serve as the perfect starting point.

She secured a ticket for me through her fashion industry connections. The theme would be technological and machine centered. Being the talented and generous designer she is, my employer would not allow me to attend the event in my business attire. She designed a dress for me. The evening gown she created was a perfect fit to adhere to the event’s theme. We decided it was best to ship the evening gown to the hotel rather than have me pack it in my travel bag.

I packed some more clothes in my suitcase and caught an early morning flight to arrive in time for the evening event. When I arrived at the hotel, the beautiful dress was hanging on a rack. The hotel staff had it pressed for me ahead of time. Once I was at the hotel, I grabbed a quick snack and had my hair and makeup done.

I traveled by town car to the fundraising gala. As I walked the red carpet, I took notice of the dresses that were worn by celebrities and supporters of the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. It was an overwhelming affair. The attendees were dressed in metallic and embellished themes. There were jeweled hemlines and luxurious fabrics. I was so excited to receive compliments on my dress and happily reported the name of my boss as the incredible designer. The night was soon over, and I could not wait to call my boss.

I reported to her about the looks of the dress, the atmosphere of the event and the made mention of a few celebrities I spotted. When I returned to work the following Monday, my employer was hard at work in her sewing room. When I greeted her, she told me she was very inspired by my report and, as a reward for doing so well on the assignment, I could keep the beautiful evening dress she made.

Will You Impress with the Dress

evening dress gorgeousYour standing tall with all your womanhood on full display.  Yes it is on purpose. Let us not kid ourselves, no one spends five hours pimping and pruning without an end result in mind.

It’s perfectly ok, we humans do have vanity and self adoration to some degree or another.  The point of the evening dress though is to put an exclamation point on an important event. There was a time in the 1700 where large portions of the human race primped for hours every day, trying in vain to squeeze into a corset.  Lace upon lace and hoop on top of hoop daily to impress I suppose a proper suitor.

Thank the heavens that we no longer have to do such things.  The simple wife of a lawn maintenance company to the eye candy on the CEO’s arm all have the ability to transform themselves into an exotic flower, right in front of our eyes.

Yes o’ yes it can still turn out to be a  disaster, not every dog has it’s day.  Maybe that’s a poor choice of words but let me explain my point.  Just as a spectacular dress can accentuate the perfect line of the female form.  If the wrong dress is chosen, those accents turn on the woman’s wish of attraction and turn into repulsion.  

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The Formal

wonderful evening dressWhere did this all start.  Well since human existence came into being I suppose.  We can surmise that as long as there is a human longing to be more, we adorned ourselves with the little extras to make us “more”

Every bit of humanity cannot escape the need to drape ourselves in the honey of materials that are available to us. That is why a female heating and cooling technician Birmingham Alabama can transform herself just like the high paid models of New York City, New York.  It all begins and ends with the dress.

How do we come to such a conclusion.. Well there is certainly current day evidence that can point us in this directions.  How about the tribes of Peru.  Never seeing the modern conveniences of life. Nor the exposure to the fads that have come and gone throughout our history.  These peoples have lived hermetically cut off from the rest of humanity for generations.  

But you see my friends, male and female alike in these tribes adorn themselves to match any red carpet experience.  Feathers, mask, to skeletal manipulation.  The human mind has no boundaries when it comes to “vanity”  

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The Power Contained in that Evening Gown

the evening dress 2Who knew a long flowing piece of fabric could transform the human frame of a woman to such a degree.  An otherwise quaintly woman will simply feel the estrogen flow at a faster pace. I am woman hear me roar is playing in the her mind’s ear.  Who could blame her for the rush of power.  The dress long and wispy extras extinuate the movement of not only the dress but also of the flesh.

In harmony the dress the mind and the body work with the elements of light.  Reflecting absorbing and accenting the shards of photons that come its way.

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